The Grand Budapest Hotel, Dir. Wes Anderson 

Crystal Reed for Disfunkshion Magazine


TEEN WOLF AU » The Mortal Instruments (Part 1) requested by henrybufordbranwell

"Our story starts with four teenagers; Lydia Fairchild, Scott Herondale, Allison Carstairs, and Stiles Blackthorn. Lydia, having roots in both London and New York, travels between the two often. Easily distinguishable by her red hair and green eyes, she is not often mistaken as being from a different Shadowhunter family. Scott is not your typical Shadowhunter, usually being the one who attends to victims rather than fight, but he is fiercely protective. The Carstairs, being particularly close to the Herondales, are often found together. Allison and Scott have been friends since birth, frequently mistaken for Parabatai. Stiles however, is Scott’s Parabatai. Despite the Lightwoods running the New York Institute, many Shadowhunter families reside there, or in nearby apartments. Stiles and Scott have trained together with Allison for years, and were instantly inseparable. Lydia, being towed around the world most of her time, trains with them as much as possibly when her family stays with at the Institute, but ultimately is self-taught."

Beyoncé w/ Blake Lively & Emmy Rossum on set of “RUN”


She says, “You don’t want to be like me
Looking for fun, getting high for free.”

Your warm breath and sigh,
Lazy lips, sleepy kisses,
touching til morning.